March 10, 2011

Spring Breakkk!

I'm still enjoying it, so don't get all excited for a long detailed post! But here are a couple of iPhone pics that give you a glimpse into my week off thus far:
Got some pretty tulips in preparation for my sissy's arrival!
Had a fun sushi date w/ sister and hubbs.
Loaded up on (and chowed down on) all the essentials: Guac, hummus, wine and Sweetwater Blue :)
Got mani/pedis with some spring-y Shellac colors (ignore pale, chubby hands...).
Shopped til we dropped. And found/bought/fell in love with these wedges! Thank you, J. Simpson.
Bella has kept busy attacking and eating my flowers. And occasionally cuddling w/ her auntie.
For now, we are back to the shopping and eating, then I'm leaving for Cali tomorrow morning w/ my mama! So far, fun week!!! Not as much sun as we had hoped for, but we are making the most of our sister time... and hopefully I'll catch a few rays on the west coast this weekend :)

I'm trying to be a good picture-taker, but its not my forte. More to come next week though, promise!


  1. Looks like a great week! I am obsessed with Shellac! What shade is that? I may have to get that next time!

  2. Amanda - yes, my hair is a shade darker! I got impatient and used a box dye so it will probably fade in the next month or so... but its growing on me, so I might make it permanent!

    Emily - It's called "Cajun Shrimp" and I LOVE it! So springy and fun :)

  3. LOVE that you have the iphone and can update us with pictures now!!!


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