March 17, 2011

Visitors and Vacas

Mother nature decided to be less than cooperative for my sister's spring break visit. It was 70ish and sunny the weekend before her arrival, and there is nothing but warmth and sunshine in the forecast for the week after she left. Mean trick, huh? But we made the most of our cold, rainy week together! Our sched went something like this: sleep. shop. eat. shop. eat. drink wine(/margs/martinis). sleep. shop. repeat.



how cute is he?
Hubbs was a trooper. Despite a busy busy week of lab finals he still managed to squeeze in nightly dinner dates w/ us and a few social drinks here and there. So my sis didn't leave with the spring break glow we had anticipated... but she did lug home an extra-full suitcase of new clothes and shoes! Not a total loss.

The morning she left to head back to Ohio, I hopped on a plane to Orange County to meet my mama for a long weekend of (we hoped) sun and my very first friend's wedding! I was so looking forward to some quality time with my mom and a much needed tan....... I got them both!
Laguna Beach sunset

Rehearsal dinner w/ my madre

Beautiful wedding venue

The gorg newlyweds!

Married :)


Friends since 1987
I'm so glad I was able to go out to this wedding! Heather was the first friend I ever had. In my whole life! We "met" when I moved to Cali at 6 months old. Her mama watched me when my mom went back to work part-time. I grew up calling her my "Big Sister" because I never had one. We were pen pals when I moved back to Ohio, and signed every picture or letter with "Love, Your Little Sis." We got to call each other every year on our birthdays (aka: pre-cell phones, free night/weekend "minutes" and email...). We kept in touch, and so did our moms, even when my family moved to Indonesia. Obviously Facebook and the internet have made staying connected in recent years a much easier feat - but how cool that we have managed to remain a part of each others' lives for 24 years?! From diapers and big wheels... to white dresses and wedding rings.

Monday night = back to reality. It was rough getting back into the swing of school/work after a week away with a couple of my fave ladies! The 3 hour West Coast time diff and daylight savings didn't help matters. But I (sort of) managed. I was missing my hubbs and kitty anyway... 4 days away from them feels like forever! We have a FL trip planned for next month and some serious sunshine in our weekend forecast ~ much to still look forward to even after the excitement of a fabulous spring break week!

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