January 23, 2011

Sunday Breakfast

We love lazy weekend mornings. Its the only time during the week where we can laze around with nothing to do. When we wake up (usually around 10:30...or later) we plop our butts on the couch, turn on the TV, and lay around (half) watching whatever is on with our laptops in front of us. After a cup of coffee and browsing my favorite sites - Realtor.com, all my fave blogs, and usually Facebook haha - I make us a big breakfast! 

Some mornings its PW's biscuits and gravy. Others its good old fashioned bacon and eggs. If we're lucky, we'll have some of Andrew's mom's goetta left in our fridge to put on toast with eggs. But more often than not, it is these delish bacon, egg and cheese biscuits :)
All the ingred's you'll need!


2 for me, 3 for hubbs!
They're so simple, and relatively quick to make. I make the eggs and bacon while the biscuits are in the oven... and in about 20 min {give or take} we are back on the couch - browsing the internet/watching TV with full bellies and an apartment filled with the smell of bacon :)

We know that our weekend mornings won't be this care-free forever. And its not every weekend morning that we get to savor these moments together. So we take full advantage of the lazy Sunday breakfasts we can get. Somehow, quality time w/ each always revolves around food... usually food that involves crispy bacon.

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