January 2, 2011

Planner Re-fills

I get embarrassingly excited about ordering planner re-fills for the upcoming calendar year.

Maybe its because my Kate Spade planner is just so cute that I can't get enough of it, even after being its proud owner for 3 years. Or maybe its just my precocious, over-achieving, Type A tendencies that never tire of making lists, crossing off "to-do's" and writing down holidays, birthdays, weddings and the like for the upcoming 12 months. Whatever it is... Santa brought my 2011 planner fillers and I spent the morning replacing the pages with care :)

But before I part with my beloved calendar pages from 2010, I go through my yearly ritual of reading back over the pages and reminiscing about that year. Here are some of the highlights I came across as I flipped through the pages:
  •  Deadlines and exam dates from my 1st year of law school... good riddance!
  • My parents' and sister's February visit to Atlanta :)
  • The day I met the sweet kiddos I nannied for this past summer (and still adore babysitting)
  • Our Savannah Weekend itinerary and reservation info
  • My law school's Barrister's Ball
  • Flying back to Ohio for a summer visit
  • Annual Canada vacation with my wonderful family
  • THREE Hilton Head weekend trips
  • Our 1 Year Anniversary celebration
  • A spring break vaca in Scottsdale, AZ w/ my sister and mama
  • Dinner reservations and weekend plans with our amazing friends
  • Birthdays and other special dates to remember for family and friends {new & old}
  • Reminders to pay bills, go to doctor's appointments, and other grown-up "to-do's
Looking back on 2010, I came to the conclusions that: it went too fast. We grew so many new friendships. We learned a LOT. We loved a ton. And we have so much to be thankful for! I'm excited to see what 2011 holds for us - and I'm hoping that I can arrange to have a few of my own personal goals incorporated into the next 12 months, too! My hope is that we do these things more: love, laugh, travel, sleep, create, dream, exercise, read (for leisure), grow, reconnect, save, plan, go to church; and these things less: complain, stress, eat junk, procrastinate.

As I fill my new planner pages with upcoming birthdays, weekend visitors, and school calendars - I am skeptical to make "resolutions" and am hopeful that when I look back on these crisp, blank pages in 11 months and 29 days that they are filled with memories made and fun times spent with friends and family that we will cherish forever! 

Happy New Year!

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  1. LOVE this! TOTALLY CAN RELATE, Em! OMG, i can't wait to seeeee you! and get that nutrition plan! i'm going grocery shopping tonight and am clueless because our "biggest loser" challenge starts tomorrow HAhaha


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