January 11, 2011

Hello, 2011

How is January already halfway over?! Thanks to the insane Atlanta weather, my holiday break has been extended by 2 {snow} days! We've been soaking up these unexpected days off with all things lazy! I've (re) organized the hall and guest room closets, purged our little home for 4 giant bags of trash, and finally tackled cleaning and organizing our bookshelf in the office. That sounds busier than I have felt these past snowed-in 48 hours... but we also slept in until well after 10 a.m., ordered mid-afternoon movies On Demand, and sipped on spiked apple cider while watching the national championship football game :)
The start of my garbage pile...

Our jam-packed bookcase!

Also got this sucker organized and ready for the semester... yuck.
My handy hubbs also set up our new *wireless* printer! This is exciting to me... I always have hated plugging my laptop into the printer with a cord. He also got a new Macbook Pro so we can do all sorts of fun things between our twin computers through bluetooth! Pretty exciting stuff. But he won't let me box up and store away his beloved Dell desktop yet - I turned him into a Mac user, but not 100% yet - baby steps.

Andrew's school has already announced that the campus will be closed again tomorrow! I'm crossing my little fingers that mine will decide the same... and as long as it looks like this outside, there just might be a chance that we'll get Snow Day #3!
View from our balcony

Winter wonderland!
Until then, we'll be cozying up indoors trying not to let cabin fever get the best of us. I'll also get around to posting pics of our holiday break fun :) Oh ya, and starting all that reading I've been putting off for the past few weeks. Maybe...

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