January 12, 2011

NYE Wedding

Since I've been snowed in for 3 days, and a 4th snow day in a row has already been announced for tomorrow, I have spent upwards of 8 hours today reading blogs. I wish I were joking. Cooking blogs, decorating blogs, you name it - I've read it. Which, of course, makes me want to post fun things on my blog! But since my life has consisted of nothing but cooking, cleaning and cabin fever this week... I'll share some pics from the *fun* New Year's Eve wedding we attended :)
Us, Dad B, and sis-in-law

Cinci skyline behind us

Andrew and his dad
Andrew's cousin got married on NYE and it was such a fun way to ring in 2011! The ceremony and reception were both held at a Covington, KY hotel that overlooked the river and had an amazing view of the Cincinnati skyline! Cocktail hour was on the 16th floor of the building, so the panoramic views were beautiful for pictures. True to form, I only took about 10 - but I'm blaming it on the new camera Santa brought. How was I supposed to know the battery didn't come fully charged? Oh well. Luckily the bride and groom thought ahead and had a "Photo Booth" set up in the back corner of the ballroom where a professional photog was stationed taking pics of whoever wanted them throughout the evening. I thought this was the coolest idea!
How much family can you pile into the viewfinder?!

Note to self: In the future... pics BEFORE drinks! (Not after 5... or 6)
The lucky newlyweds headed south of the border for a tropical honeymoon the day after New Year's. I was so jealous of their week in the sun that hubbs and I decided (ok, I decided... he just didn't protest) that we want to spend NYE in a different tropical destination every year. After we graduate, of course! Realistic? Prob not. But a girl can dream! The new Mr. and Mrs. will have such a fun anniv to celebrate for years to come! Good planning on their part. We had a great time, got to see lots of family that we haven't seen in a long time {since our wedding, or longer!} and had a more memorable start to this year than most of our NYE's in recent memory.

And last but not least, best wishes to the beautiful couple, who will never read this, but who deserve a shout-out nonetheless ;) 
The newlyweds!
Tonight I'll be baking my now-famous (self-proclaimed) red velvet cheesecake for some friends' (belated) birthday celebrations! {Fingers crossed that it will turn out as perfectly as my first attempt at making this!!} Weather permitting, we'll get to enjoy it tomorrow evening with a few good friends. Can't think of a better way to spend Snow Day #4!

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  1. "but I'm blaming it on the new camera Santa brought. How was I supposed to know the battery didn't come fully charged? Oh well."

    my jaw dropped. and i said, "geej" out loud.


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