October 6, 2010


Who doesn't love scarves?! I do... even though I've been (affectionately) reminded by my sister that I have a short neck, and that when I wear scarves and turtlenecks it looks like I'm being "choked." Thank you, Erika ;) Nonetheless, scarves are still my FAVORITE fall/winter accessory. Other favorites include boots, leggings, Uggs, etc. etc. but those are not important right now because no one is giving those other fave things away for *free!* If you're a scarf-lover, or know a scarf lover, or just simply like entering to win things... click here:
You can enter to win a *free* scarf! It takes 2 seconds, might as well! Just like it only took 2 seconds for me to post this, so if no one bothers to read this silly thing for weeks and weeks I won't feel like I've wasted too much time :)

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