October 11, 2010

Punkin Patch

This weekend we went on the most perfect little fall outing! I have been dying to go to a pumpkin patch, so when Sheila and I were sitting in class last Monday and saw a Groupon email pop up with a coupon to Jaemor Farms we had to buy it! For those of you who live in cities without Groupon - you're missing out!
With my cute hubbs... he was still a little skeptical of our adventure at this point.
With Sheila - my unofficial tour guide to the South :)
So on Saturday evening we ventured an hour north to this cute little farm with Sheila and Daniel to get pumpkins, go on a hayride, make our way through a corn maze and just partake in something Southern and fall-ish :) The weather was perfect - we got to the farm just as the sun was going down and it was just cool enough to feel like fall without being too cold. We started our adventure at the Jaemor Farm Market where we loaded up on old fashion apple butter, peach salsa, and other fun stuff. Then we hurried over to the pumpkin patch because they were about to close...
Unfortunately... all of the pumpkins still on the vine (because we were of course too stubborn to choose from the already picked, washed, and stacked pumpkins outside of the market) were GIANT and misshapen! It would have taken days to carve the goop out of most of them. Sadly, we didn't end up taking any pumpkins home to our itty bitty city patios, but the scenery made for some cute photo ops!
Thanks, Sheila for the awkward candids haha
Looking really hard to find just one pumpkin to take home!
Ignore the beef jerky in Andrew's cheek
After our failed attempt at getting pumpkins, we headed over to the CORN MAZE - I kid you not, I was pretty sure that these things were fake until I saw one in real life - where we failed again :) After about 30 minutes of navigating the maze in the dark, even with the boys' (ok, Daniel's) most valiant efforts, we didn't make much progress and decided to just backtrack and leave through the entrance haha. Maybe next year??
At the entrance (and exit, in our case) of the patriotic corn maze :)
Then, we went on a "hayride." I don't know if you can really call it a hayride because there was actually no hay... just a tractor pulling a cage of people through a farm. But it was fun! After a year and a half of living in Georgia I can finally say that I saw peach trees! And pumpkins, and blackberries, and apple trees, and a few questionable hillbillies Georgians who had some even more questionable parenting tactics!  Another "first" for us that night - boiled peanuts... who knew?! Strange, but true... and pretty tasty!

It was such a fun, Southern fall night in Georgia and while I'm not sure how long I'll have to wait before I can successfully drag talk Andrew into going on an "adventure" with me again, I'm SO glad we went! And thanks to scoring some amazing Jaemor Farms cheese dip and peach salsa I think my hubbs is pretty glad we did too ;)
Thanks to Sheila and D for making it their mission to introduce us to all things Southern!

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  1. i can't wrap my mind around the fact that boiled peanuts were new and a strange concept to y'all... this is nuts! (literally...)


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