October 8, 2010

NEVER a dull moment!

I was reminded this morning of just how entertaining Bella is.
Blackberry photo. Blurry, but worth it!
Some people wake up to alarm clocks. Some wake up to ringing cell phones. Others wake up to screaming children...

Today we woke up to the sound of our cat's tongue lapping up what was left of the water on our nightstand! Instead of waking up cranky and lethargic, most mornings we get to wake up laughing at the early morning antics (mostly stupid, but still hilarious) of our little kitty. This morning, we laid in bed and giggled in anticipation of her head being stuck :) It wasn't, but close!

So call me the crazy cat lady if you want, but with Bella around there is never a dull moment! When she got her head out after the first drink, she realized she could escape the tall glass and went in for another round... Not the smartest little thing, but we like her that way!
Yes, of course she has her OWN water, but for whatever reason she prefers drinking ours.

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