October 13, 2010


Law school has really been crampin' my style the past several weeks. After 3:15 this afternoon though, I am making a (public) vow to stop neglecting the things that have been shoved to the back burner over the course of the last month. These poor neglected little things include: 

Health. Dear Lord have I neglected my health - this includes proper sleep (what sleep?), diet (mostly sugar and caffeine these days), exercise (what is that again? I forget), hygiene (TMI? sorry), and the like.
Beauty. My hair dryer, flat iron and make up have been seriously neglected. My wardrobe has also fallen victim to some grave neglect.
My kitty. Poor little thing wants brushed and pet and loved, and I have hardly been home! So she snuggles up extra close at night, as soon as my head hits the pillow, and just purrs her little heart out til she falls asleep. So cute, I could cry.
My husband. Another little creature who just wants to be loved haha. I haven't watched a TV show or shared a meal with Andrew in what feels like days! And quite honestly I don't know how long its been since I crawled into bed when he wasn't already dead asleep. Bad wife.
Our house. My strict cleaning regimen has not been followed. This past Saturday, it took every ounce of self-control in my body to prioritize school ahead of toilet scrubbing, vacuuming, and dusting. And I have hated every moment of this week because of it!
Laundry. It is looking very scary. Thankfully, my shopping addiction (once again) comes in very handy at times like these. Most families would be out of clean socks, underwear and tshirts - not us :) Go me!
Friends/Family. I haven't talked to my best friends on the real telephone in weeks. My mother-in-law, a week. My sisters, days. And my own mother, well... she gets calls every day but they have been distracted, whiny conversations I'm sure!

So this is my very public, very lofty pledge: I will change ALL of this in the next 48 hours!!! I already have a to-do list made for myself and plan to attack it the second I march out of my bankruptcy midterm moot court competition! All except for the exercise, of course... gotta be realistic here, people ;)

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  1. whoooohooo! you're 19 minutes into your competition and i'm sending POSITIVE VIBES your way!!! YOU CAN DO IT!! I'm so excited for your fun weekend! My misery lasts until tom evening 9:30 :( i'm procrastinating so bad!!! ahhhh. YAY for sisters coming into town to celebrate today!!!


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