May 1, 2012

Catch Up

Today I'm taking a few minutes for catching up the blog... on the quick - in iPhone/Instagram pictures!

Seriously, just when I think I can catch up on a few overdue posts... life goes and gets unnecessarily busy. So much for a post-finals week of R&R before Bar studying starts on Monday! Here's the quick and dirty recap of our what's been going on since... well... Easter-ish!
We've been taking advantage of patio season... and in this case, roof top bar season!
We spent Easter with our wonderful friends. After a delish dinner, the boys, the puppy and the baby all passed out :)
My mom, my sister and I all made cheesecakes (unplanned and unknown to each other until way later) for our respective Easter celebrations haha... creepy family brain waves? 
Darla has quickly become the most spoiled and most loved pup on the planet.  Also, she's the cutest. But I might be just a little bit biased.
Our girls are slowly but surely becoming bffs :) :) :) Until Darla chases Bella.... and that just ends badly for everyone involved. 
Dad is smitten with his little furbaby... however, in this picture she's being lectured on how good little puppies don't wake up at 5 a.m. ;) He asked me the other night "Do you love her yet?" haha... of course my answer was "YES!" but it was just cute and funny the way he asked. 
We celebrated my 25th birthday with our besties at Nava...
And after a fun dinner (complete with margs, of course) we headed back to our place to celebrate some more!
Danielle knows me well... she brought me fun cupcake liners, baking books, prosecco and ICE CREAM CAKE!
We got a surprise (and I do mean surprise...) visitor from NC over my bday weekend - Andrew's older brother showed up at our door at 7 a.m. for a short weekend visit :) We took advantage of our last weekend of being able to walk to Treehouse for brunch w/ little miss Wiggle Booty.
The husb took me to an amazing bday dinner on my actual birthday at Canoe... the cutest little restaurant overlooking the Chattahoochie River. 
At Canoe we both became possessed and decided we'd spew fire out of our eyes for the camera. Lovely. 
Then, all of a sudden, Darla doubled in size overnight. After staring at her for like an hour seeing if her legs were lengthening before our eyes, we realized we've had her for 5 weeks already! Nuts! 
12 weeks, 27 lbs. My big baby with the dumbest crooked puppy teeth haha.

My sweet friend from home sent me Happy bday/Congrats on finishing law school flowers!  They brightened my day - my week, really!
Those beautiful flowers are still the only thing in our sad, empty condo right now. After a few carpet-related set-backs, we had to push back our move by 5 days on just 12 hours notice. Yikes. 
All moving/finals stresses were forgotten after the post-finals celebration lunch I enjoyed with Sheila! Nutella milkshakes can right any wrong. I'm convinced. 
Keys to our new place... opposites attract, no?
Anddd the carpet drama continued. Thankfully I'm persistent to a fault, and somehow convinced our landlord to let me replace all the carpet in the bedrooms - at his expense - with some (economical and neutral) carpet of my choosing :)
Last but not least, my hard-working, oh-so-deserving husband got a shiny new car. He's obsessed.
Whew. I think 20 pictures is enough documentation of our lives for today! Our carpet installation is scheduled for tomorrow, and the movers will be here bright and early Thursday morning... so I'm sure I'll have more interesting posts to share once we get settled. I hope!

Next up on our post-move agenda: visits from some siblings and my parents, my graduation (!!!!!), the arrival of our little niece, and a trip home to Ohio! Thanks for bearing with me during this chaos... I know I'll look back one of these days and be glad I at least threw a few pictures up to keep track of what went on in our life during the spring of 2012!

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  1. Darla is so stinking cute! Alllmost makes me want another puppy. The sleep deprivation definitely gets better... I think Paisley finally got over it around 6-7 weeks and she now sleeps until we get up (within reason).


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