May 17, 2012

Sissy Visit

In the 3 years we've lived in Atlanta, no one has visited near as often as my sister Erika! Homegirl is down to see us every few months it seems... and we love it! duh. The past couple of visits, her fiance has joined her - double the fun! Especially for Andrew... who, as much as he loves (and is used to) girl time, really appreciates having someone to watch "the game" (what game? who cares.) with while we have sister time getting our nails done and chowing on fro-yo!

Erika and Carter are self-proclaimed godparents to our petchildren. And probably the most fun people we know! Our weekend revolved around eating, laughing, and eating. So fun!
I'm embarrassed by how many pictures just like this there are on my phone
The boys were REALLY great shoppers 
3.5 months til their WEDDING!

Sangria and tapas night
Darla looooves her Auntie Kiki :)
Its always hard to coordinate introducing our visitors to our friends down here... it seems like every time we have family in town, our friends are out of town. Luckily, this visit was different and Erika and Carter got to meet our bffs ~ and their baby! They wanted to kidnap Gia. I can't say that I blame them...
Andrew always hogs the baby

Its amazing how entertaining it is to watch a baby "sing" into an empty beer bottle ;)
As always, their visit went way too fast! Good thing we'll see them next month when we head home for a visit and our annual family vacation... and we're already getting excited to visit them for a change once they both move up to the East coast after their weddddingggg!! Can't. Wait.

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