February 24, 2011

Inspired by Spring

The Spring-y weather has inspired me.

It inspired me to - most importantly - stop being the hillbilly neighbor with the snowflake Christmas lights illuminating my balcony every night from about 6-11 p.m. And to put away the cute glass pumpkin that Sheila got me back in October or November... that just hung out on the little table next to the watering-can-shaped citronella candle. I don't discriminate against holidays... I represent them all. At the same time. So what?

But no longer! I pulled out only the most Spring-appropriate decor I could dig up. I swept off the dusty crusty floor and Clorox wiped the furniture and the banister in preparation for some serious patio-sittin' in the upcoming weeks/months.

Then, I busted out my cute little paper lantern patio lights and my genius hubbs even figured out which ends plug where {moments before we left for Home Depot to get the adapter thingy that I swore up and down we needed because those dumb lights were just broken... he's so handy!} and he put them on the timer. This. was. huge. Last year, those lights got totally neglected thanks to me thinking that they just didn't plug in right. Not only do they now light up but they do it on their own! Amazing.



A close-up of their cuteness.
Because I failed miserably at being a plant-owner last year (definition: I forgot about watering my hanging baskets for a few weeks. Give or take a month. And by the time I decided I wanted to revive them... they just looked beyond help. So I laid them to rest in the trash compactor.) I thought I'd give it another whirl. I'm another year older. One year more mature? I mean... I've kept Bella alive for almost 2 years now. I can handle a couple of plants! So, me and my green(ish) thumbs picked up a couple of hanging baskets at Home Depot on Sunday to come live on our balcony!
Hanging basket #1

Hangin' out in their new home (thanks hubbs... he did the dangerous stuff!)

Hanging basket #2 (they're twins)
View of my flower friends from the doorway
I didn't stop there. Ooooh no. What's that little plant stand and wooden basket in the corner, you ask?? That is my balcony herb kit. In a few weeks, these itty bitty pots will sprout Chives, Cilantro, Oregano and Parsley! {We hope.} I'm a little salty about it, because I didn't do my homework (it was an impulse buy) and after I got home and planted everything, I found such cuter herb growing kits online. But its not all about the containers I suppose... so we'll see how these guys do and if I have any luck, I can always add to my collection of fresh seasonings!
Herb kit: Home Depot ($10). Plant stand: TJ Maxx ($14).

Cross your fingers for me that these things actually grow into something more than dirt!
Ignore the extension cords. Unless you have suggestions for me as to how I can hide them or something - then please leave me a comment! I also picked up a new citronella candle since the Georgia sun melted my old one into a puddle... now Andrew can use the useless one as an ash tray for his cigars. Yay. And I haven't given up on my hopes of growing a "plot" of veggies in our urban vegetable garden! I just haven't gotten around to reserving one w/ our leasing office yet.

I'm not convinced that this gorgeous weather is really here to stay, but for the days and nights when the sun is shining and the temperature is comfortable --- we're ready! Some of my favorite memories of newlywed life are the nights spent sipping wine and chatting about nothing at night on our balcony. Can't wait to share some of those sweet moments oh so soon :)

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