February 9, 2011


Its been a busy little week 'round here!

Poor hubbs has been studying 24/7 for his midterms. My doc-to-be has been so diligent that we actually stayed home for the Superbowl and didn't even make any cheesy fatty dips or drink beer! (Read: This. is. serious.) Fret not, I still whipped up some delish football-ish food... lazy bookworm style. Remember the slow cooker buffalo chicken hoagies? Welp, we had those and they were awesome. While we watched, we also read. Lame-o.

While my cute hubby has been buried in his books with the funny x-ray pics and other illustrations that crack me up as I sneak a glance in passing {nakey people - no matter how medical-y, still funny to us immature folk} I've been tied up with Law Journal stuff, school stuff, laundry doing stuff, catching up on sleep in order to ward off a cold stuff, and birthday planning stuff!

Andrew turns 24 on Monday. Which is also Valentine's Day. So I've been busy planning b-day dinner, V-day dinner, ordering presents, and selecting the perfect Oreo Cheesecake recipe in my "spare" time! The cake isn't quite what I had planned... but it was his request! This is huge. He never, ever, in a million years asks for (or even tastes) dessert! So how can a girl say no?! Stay tuned for pics, recipes and recaps of our upcoming fun - until then, have a little fun for us, because we are having none til Saturday night ;)

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