February 18, 2011

Long time no see...

Dear little blog,

So sorry for neglecting you this past week. My free time has been filled with birthday festivities, reading for school, and painting my nails. While I know those excuses are all lame, my real reason for not blogging has been my computer issues. My camera card slot isn't working, and neither are my USB plugger-inners so I haven't been able to upload any of my fun pictures to share. I'm saving my b-day/Vday updates and a few others for when I have pictures to accompany my ramblings! Hubbs is in charge of helping me fix these issues this weekend... or will be accompanying me to the Apple store (last resort - hate that place!).

If we don't get around to computer surgery, you'll have to forgive me... as you can see, the weather forecast might induce me to procrastinate a little longer in order to enjoy the sunshine :)
In the meantime, rest up and brace yourself for a photo dump next week and catch-up sesh (or two) on our life!


P.S. Crossing my fingers hard that this warm, sunny weather is here to stay!!!

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