February 23, 2011

Looking forward

My computer issues are still not resolved.
But I did get some color while we sat by the pool basking in the 74 degree sun on Saturday!
So I'm not mad that the entire side of my computer is fried and useless.

Needless to say, no new photos to share quite yet! But hopefully soon.
Until then, here are the things I am excited about in the upcoming weeks! In no particular order:
1. That child is coming to visit me in about a week.Woop! I love sissy visits!!!
She will be wearing a big ol' black boot on her foot, but I have no concerns that it will impede her ability to keep up w/ me for our week of food, fun, shopping and girly-ness.
2. We've been doing a lot of grilling. 
The weather has been too beautiful to cook indoors - so we've been grilling salmon, kabobs, bison burgers, chicken, veggies, you name it - literally every night.
3. We will be {hopefully} heading to this resort in FL in a few weeks w/ some friends!
Ironing out the deets as we speak....... coordinating 8 peoples' schedules is no easy task.
4. I have a new baby cousin as of about 48 hours ago :) 
It is killinggg me that I can't zip home for the weekend to meet him, but he will still be an itty bitty when I see him in May. Welcome to the world, Jackson!
5. I get to visit w/ my mama in 2 weeks!!! Just the two of us for 4 whole days!
I haven't seen her since the beginning of January and I'm starting to have withdrawals. This time last year, they had already visited for a weekend post-holiday season. I need some quality mother-daughter time!!
6. Better than just visiting w/ my mama at home... we're heading to Cali for the weekend! 
Praying for nice weather, of course, but I'll survive even if its ugly out thanks to the shopping and dining in/around Newport Beach.
7. I am planning to reserve a "plot" in the urban vegetable garden at our apartment complex for the spring/summer. 
I'm excited to test out how green my thumbs are! My guess is: not very. But the dirt and seeds are free, so its worth a shot. Maybe I'll get a tomato or two out of my efforts?!
8. No, this isn't a joke. I'm pumped to go to H&R Block this weekend and get our taxes filed! 
Painful for most folks... but exciting for two full-time students who get $$$ back for basically nothing. Woohoo! Normally my dad's accountant takes care of our taxes, but last year they didn't get sent off until April. And I'm impatient. And want our refund. Like, yesterday.
9. Oh ya, I'm not just going to Cali for any old reason. We're going for a wedding
My very first friend in the whole world is getting married. I haven't seen here in about a decade, so I'm just bursting at the seams w/ excitement about this one!
10. Itttts "patio season" in the ATL! 
My favorite time of year. We have already started scheming where we need to wine and dine while the weather is the perfect, comfortable temp. Gotta squeeze in all our faves before the summer heat and humidity arrive.

Welp. That just got me way too excited for a mid-week afternoon! So much to look forward to in the next couple of weeks!!! Notice how "Go to the Apple store" is no where to be found on that list. Don't hold your breath for pictures or updates......

By my bday in April, maybe you'll get filled in on the events of Andrew's February bday. Maybe :)

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