September 13, 2010

Thankful for FALL

Fall is my faaavorite season! And while we're starting to get a little sneak peek at fall weather down in Atlanta, what has really made it start to feel like fall is *football season!* There is nothing we love more than cheering on the Buckeyes with our Midwestern-turned-Southern friends over a couple pitchers of beer :)
Ohio girls at Buckhead Saloon
With my hubbs
Fellow Bobcats :)
 After a fun-filled Saturday of college football, we spent Sunday snuggled up on the couch with pizza, wings and the Browns! Despite their pathetic disappointing loss, we loved our cozy, lazy day. We were feeling a little guilty about not spending much time out in the beautiful weather, so we decided to grill out in the evening. My latest cooking/grilling obsession: kabobs! I know they taste the same as if you made everything separate, but they just look so much prettier this way (and the homemade mac and cheese was to die for)!
Beef and chicken kabobs with peppers and onions - yum!
 And in other exciting news....... I tackled another item on my list of "to-do's" and am happy to be able to say "FINALLY!" for the third or fourth time this month :) (See "Finally" post if you're like "what is she talking about...") I dusted off the cute green storage bins I'd been hoarding in the spare closet and organized our disaster of a pantry! This was no small feat... I think it took like 2 hours. But it was far more rewarding to look at afterward than if I had spent those 2 hours studying ;)
This makes me smile :)
 I contemplated posting a "before" shot to give you all the full effect of this re-organization, but I think I'm too embarrassed... let's just say that to get one jar of spaghetti sauce out last week I had to move/knock over/spill a box of cereal, half a dozen packages of crackers, and sent a few little jars of sprinkles rolling across the tile. Not fun for an OCD, Type-A like myself! Anyway, it is lookin' good now and I find myself accidentally grinning each time I open the door. Judge away, I have no shame!
Nothing else new for now - just enjoying the comfortable weather and all things FALL :)

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