September 27, 2010

Exploring the South

One state at a time! Ok, not really... but we've traveled to our fair share of southern states lately. Just in the last month we've been in Georgia (duh) and both Carolinas! This past weekend we made last-minute plans to visit Andrew's brother in North Carolina and spent a few days with him in Carrboro (on the outskirts of Chapel Hill) where we explored the UNC campus, a local farmers market, a really nice Durham mall, and some amazing local restaurants!
If only the majority of the items for sale weren't so perishable, I would have been in heaven!
 While the town and area were scenic and interesting... the real highlight of the weekend was spending time with Andrew's parents, brother and little sister! 5/7 of the original crew (5/8 including me - their most recent addition) made the trek to NC for the weekend :) I was characteristically terrible about documenting our weekend - and I stand by my {frequent} vow that I would be a better photographer and documenter (yes, I'm aware that this is not a word) if I had a *new* camera! - but I did manage to snap a few pics with the fam and then stole a few from my sissy-in-law's cell phone just for my own blurry, bad quality records! Maybe Santa will bring me a nice camera so that I'm enticed to take more pictures.......

Loved getting a chance to spend some time w/ this pretty girl :)
We had dinner on this cool terrace overlooking downtown Chapel Hill - so delish!
 And because I promised my lovely mama-in-law that I would keep her picture off of my practically un-read blog, I have screened her (and my father-in-law) out of this pic taken at dinner. If she ever stumbles upon this, I can already hear her giggle in my head!
Delish dinner at Top of the Hill (Steve refused to be photographed)
 Good food and good times were had by all! We loved every minute of our visit with the fam, and missed the other two sisters who were busy being fabulous in NYC and living the dream in Athens, Ohio!

Now... back to reality. For me anyway! Andrew has the week off - he finished another quarter of chiropractic school on Friday and after kicking booty on all of his finals, he has a week to just relax and recoup. I'll be playing catch-up for the next several days thanks to my impromptu mini-vacation and general lack of motivation to be a law student these days! Life is just too short :)

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