September 15, 2010

Sisters by blood, friends by choice*

Sisters at my wedding
I miss my sissys :(

Even though I spent 4 years of undergrad away from my baby sisters, it didn't seem so bad since I was just a short drive away. But now that I'm a 10+ hour drive, or a 2 hour flight from them I am just really missing our silly sister time!

I miss laughing until our stomachs hurt about the ridiculous (and mostly ornery) things we did as kids.
I miss whispering until the wee hours of the morning (or until mom and dad would make us go back to our own beds).
I miss shopping and dining on dad's dime and knowing we could justify it to him as long as we were all together.
I miss sharing clothes, accessories, and secrets.
I miss the scheming and plotting we would do before asking permission to do something we knew just wasn't going to fly... and sometimes, it would work :)
I miss fighting over the cars, and I'm (almost) sad that we all have our own now.
I miss arguing over lost underwear that we swear were stolen from the dryer.
I miss feeling sick after making a batch of cookies or brownies that never quite made their way into the oven.
I miss watching movies in the basement in complete darkness, but never complete silence.
I miss looking through old pictures and dying laughing at our outfits and haircuts.
Christmas 2009 - our last "pre-Andrew" Christmas card photo shoot!
Of all the things I miss about living at home, its the sister togetherness that just can't be replaced by a husband, a boyfriend, or pet! And I am so looking forward to my sisters' visit in October!!! I am counting down the days until our long weekend of giggling, teasing and reminiscing... xo
Canada 2008
Canada 2010

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