September 20, 2010

I've been cured...

...of puppy brain. I know people say that 20-something women get "baby brain" and just like really need to have babies all of a sudden. Well, I'm not quite there yet (thank God). But I've had "puppy brain" ever since I saw the chubbiest, cutest Greater Swiss Mountain Dog/Rottweiler mix on I've been scoping out breeders and prices and trying to convince Andrew that we could totally make it work in our apartment! But thanks to our adorable little weekend house guest, I am CURED!

Miss Callie McKee-Milyo
Our friends Katie and Pat were away for the weekend, so we happily agreed to watch Callie for them - their 6ish month old King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. She was the sweetest little thing to have around, but omg was she a lot of work! I quickly realized that having a puppy in an apartment is less than ideal... especially if you take the little thing out to potty frequently enough to avoid accidents in the house! (She only had one itty bitty accident - good girl Callie!) We kept her toys and bed in our spare bathroom - just in case - since the tile would be so easy to wipe up.

Playing with her Monkey
Princess Bella was as curious as a kitty could possibly be... she stalked poor Callie from a distance all weekend haha. I think if they spent more time together they would eventually be friends, but for now Bella is just a little unsure and seems to get jealous when she has to share her mom with this other creature.

Staring at the bathroom door... keeping a safe 3ft of distance between her and the pup.
Callie's gate was really fun to play with though :)

While Callie was closed in the bathroom, Bella roamed around as usual. But when Callie was out to play, our smart little kitty wedged herself in her favorite daytime nap spot - the crevice between the love seat and the living room windows - out of sight, and very cozy!

Perfect spot to nap and watch the birds!

Like I said... I've been cured. You (more like, Andrew) won't be hearing me beg and plead for a puppy any time too soon! We will gladly play the pet-sitter role for our friends on weekends, but our hassle-free life as kitty-owners suits me just fine as long as we're living the city life :) Bella will be thrilled with this news, I'm sure... as will my parents, who happily house their four-legged grandchildren during holidays and vacations haha...

So, no more "puppy-brain" for this girl. And let's hope we can ward off "baby brain" with the occasional weekend babysitting job for a few more years, too!

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