April 13, 2012


We're heading to the 'burbs!
........ sorta.

After 3 years in our city apartment, we've decided to move our zoo to the suburbs. We'll literally be .3 seconds outside of the city, so its not that big of a deal. We have outgrown our rented 2 bed/2 bath space, and are just itching for a little change of scenery! Most of our friends have migrated from the hustle and bustle of the city into the quieter (but still close and accessible) suburbs... and while we aren't entirely ready for all of the cliches associated with suburban living, we're making this move for several pretty good reasons:

1) We'll be closer to Andrew's school - major plus, as he has sucked up a pretty long commute to be close to my school since 2009... since I'm donezo in just a few weeks (YAAAY!) its his turn to be a quick 10 minutes to school for a year. 
2) We'll be closer to the friends we spend most of our time with - and we're so looking forward to a 1 mile drive (or walk!) home instead of a 20-40 min drive from place to place nearly every weekend night.
3) We'll be walking distance to shops and dining that we really love... and we plan to take advantage of this "walking distance" luxury during the last year we live in the warm, sunny South!
4) We'll be saving $$$......... this is a no-brainer. Our city rent climbed higher and higher with each passing year, and the renewal paperwork we received a few months ago pushed the monthly rent they were "pleased to offer" us into the realm of utterly ridiculous! This made it a heck of a lot easier to part with our first home together. 
5) We're gaining square footage (and a {small} bedroom) - not entirely necessary, since its just me and Andrew... but our furbabies take up a lot of space, and we could use the additional storage for their beds, crates, toys, etc.

Other bonuses inclue: hardwood floors instead of carpet, a first floor unit to make it easier to get the dog in/out 17382 times a day, a laundry room instead of a laundry closet, and a separate jetted tub and walk-in shower in our master bath! Oh ya, and the fact that there is a "master" bath at all... with 2 sinks instead of 1... is a bonus in and of itself :)

With a summer of bar studying ahead of me, I'm anxious to settle into this new condo and make the 3rd bedroom my designated study space. The next few weeks will be filled with packing and organizing (and hopefully a little clutter purging). And I've already got a list going of little things we'll need to fill this house and make it feel like home......... 

I'll post inspiration pictures soon!
And if you've been following along lately... you know that "soon" is open for interpretation. 
{Sorry for being so MIA!}

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