March 30, 2012

Meet Darla!

Hi, I'm Darla! 

My mom and dad bought me on a bit of an impulse, but (so far) they're really glad they did :) I'm 8 weeks old and already weigh 15 lbs! The first couple of nights at my new house were rough... but I'm being such a good girl now and haven't had one single accident in the house yet. My mom has to get up to take me potty all night long, so she is really tired. But she says I'm worth it!

I love to cuddle. I hate walking on my leash. I ignore my sister Bella even when she is kinda mean and hisses at me... and my Auntie Sheila came over and taught me how to "sit" already! Mom thinks I'm a genius.
I love sitting on the deck...

My dad snuggles me like a teddy bear...
If I eat my leash, maybe I won't have to keep walking...
And I love animal print... apparently... so chic.
My mom will probably be blogging about me a lot... she takes my picture all day long and sends them to my Aunties and Grandmas. When they get sick of them, she'll just post the pictures on this little corner of the internet so she can look back at them and remember how wittle I was when I grow into a small pony.

See you soon! Thanks for stopping by to meet me!



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