August 27, 2011

My Husb the... Blogger?!

Friends... I have big news.

My husb has started a Chiropractic Blog. If I hadn't been asked to help him edit his first post and figure out how to set the dang thing up, I'd be thinking this was the makings of a really funny joke he was about to tease his gullible wife with. Turns out, the kid is serious as a heart attack!

While it might not be up some of your alleys - there will be no craft tutorials, or recipes, or pictures of cute babies (that I know of) - he will be posting extremely useful health and wellness information on a weekly/bi-weekly basis, and I'm so proud of my smarty pants husb for deciding to share his passion with the blog world!

For fact-based health info and links to great resources that will knock your socks off, follow along! You won't be disappointed with what you learn. Promise :)

Chiropractic Wellness
Sharing the TRUTH about Chiropractic.

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