August 26, 2011

Friday Favorites

This week wasn't a whole lot better than last in terms of feeling like I had my life in order. Maybe 3rd week {of school} will be the charm?? Fingers crossed.

I'm thankful that Pinterest either a) didn't exist and/or b) I hadn't discovered it during the first 2 years of law school. Because I'm pretty confident I would have flunked out by now. As a 3L, however... it is a welcome distraction!

My Friday Favorites posts wouldn't have made it past week 2 without Pinterest! And I may not have made it out of the first 9 days of classes this semester without dying of boredom...
Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese... my husb would love me forEVER if I made this! Aka I will... just not sure when. via

Mini Quiche Cups? I made these babies (the Bisquick version) last night for my Bible study girls! Go me :) via

"Slim" 6-Layer Dip - a healthy twist on a favorite in our house! via

I love the curve of this staircase. And the flooorrss omg. via

If I had my way, I'd wear these boots every day from September-January. My bank account has a different plan I think... via

We've been all about the homemade pizza lately! This one looks to-die. via
Random thoughts to wrap up this week's lame-o post...
  • Back-to-school time is way less fun now that my mom doesn't take me back-to-school shopping...
  • The temp needs to drop about 10 degrees otherwise I don't feel like I'm watching real football games w/ the hubbs.
  • Baby Gap has a 60 day return policy... for future reference. This is about to cause me a big old headache, and its my own dumb fault. 
  • The new Brita water bottle is rocking my world. And making me pee 70x/day.
  • We found and purchased the bridesmaids dresses for Sheila's wedding last weekend!! They're beautiful... I'll post some pics and a color swatch soon!
That's all I got! Don't forget to ENTER MY GIVEAWAY pu-lease! Your chances are embarrassingly ridiculously good :)

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