August 15, 2011


That's how I'm feeling right now. Disheveled. {Had to spell check that one... it looked funny...}

Last week I got my days all confused and didn't do a Friday Favorites post (did anyone miss it?), cleaned my house on Thursday instead of Saturday, spent twice our grocery budget at Target this weekend on God-knows-what and realized around 11 p.m. last night that I hadn't bought a parking pass for the fall semester.

Not the biggest deal(s) in the world... but enough to leave me feeling a little disheveled today. I did, however, luck out with my parking situation this morning and managed to get my butt in the right building and classroom by 9 kick off my 3L year. Baby steps. Bear with me as I try to engage my brain and get myself back into "school mode." By the looks of things, the semester might be over by the time I get myself on track. Just in time for Christmas break. Perfect!

Instead of organizing my planner and skimming over the syllabus from this morning's class, I think I'll try to order this mug.........
Just kidding. Sort of. This Monday wasn't that bad. After all, it is my LAST 1st DAY OF SCHOOL EVERRR!


I'll be back blogging as usual just as soon as I figure out which professors seem least annoyed with my keyboard clicking away during the no-need-to-be-taking-notes parts of class :)

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