March 25, 2012

Just when I thought...

Just when I thought I'd finally have some down time - after weddings and travel and bar prep workshops wrapped up and a few weekends in a row looked wide open - we go and decide to get a puppy! Our newest addition will be picked up this week... and she is SO cute I can hardly stand it!

Any time I had this weekend to catch this sad little blog up to speed was instead spent reading up on crate training, must-have new puppy products, and how-to articles on everything from introducing a puppy to your cat (duh) to chew toy training (what? that exists?).

I'm feeling pretty ready to put these 1320891 articles and hours worth of discussion forum info to use on a real live furball. BUT if you have any puppy tips or tricks -- I'm all ears! We need all the help we can get! We have been looking at dogs and wanting a puppy for what seems like ages... when we came across this little girl we knew it was time to rip off the bandaid and just get one already! Wish us luck :)

Welcome to the family, you sweet, nameless little (but not little for much longer) Bernese Mountain Dog!
Sticking her tongue out at us already... ut oh.

"You wanna be my momma?"


  1. Okay, I'm a lurker, but I can't resist commenting over this -- she is ADORABLE! Congratulations :)

    We just brought home our second golden retriever puppy two months ago, and the best tip I could give would be to teach "Sit" early, and use it often! Ours have to sit before they get dinner, before they can come out of their crates, before they get ice cubes (their favorite treats, free and so good for teething!)

    It makes things a lot slower and more in control for you, because puppies are funny and cute, but they can be bonkers ;) Good luck!

    1. Thanks for that advice!! I will definitely work on that. She has been great about going potty outside but we know it will take weeks of patience and persistence.

  2. Oh my goodness she is SO cute!! I have never had a dog so I have zero advice.. but I'm really excited for you!!

    1. Ah thanks!! We brought her home yesterday - she is soo sweet and doing great with potty training so far! This is definitely good practice for when we have kiddos one day... up every 2 hours, chatting about her bowel movements over our morning coffee, all that fun stuff you are about to experience with a real baby haha :)


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