February 17, 2012


With a lot on my plate these days, I've had to re-prioritize.

One thing that needs to take a back seat: my blog.

I  love using this little corner of the internet as a way to document what happens in our life, and I plan to still do that... when I have the time. But truthfully, blogging (among other things) has become more of a chore than a hobby... so, expect my posts to be less frequent until things slow down.

The recipes, the crafty stuff... I just don't have time for right now. I wish I did! {But I do still promise a cookie favor post... I just need to get the pictures off my dang camera one of these days!}Maybe after I graduate in May. Until then, I'll stick to the big stuff. And pictures from my iPhone :)

Our Nashville trip was SO MUCH FUN! We loved the food, the music, the BOOTS! I still don't quite know what "honky tonk" is. But I'm pretty sure I like it! I have real camera pics that I plan to upload as soon as I have a free weekend, but here are a few randoms until then.
We bopped from bar to bar to bar... we wanted to check them all out! SO FUN!

I think I gained 9812349 lbs. Add that to my holiday pounds and I'm not sure how I'm fitting thru doorways.

My love affair with cute downtowns was reignited!
We left Nashville completely exhausted... we're getting too old to pretend we can stay out until the bars shut down! The list of to-do's I came home to was really overwhelming but it was so worth it for such a fun weekend. This was technically Andrew's "birthday trip"... we prefer those to birthday presents... but we celebrated his real birthday on Valentine's Day anyway! It was his 25th, so I decided it was worthy of a big fuss even if the bday boy wasn't going to indulge me in throwing a party!
A steak dinner, chocolate covered strawberries for my cake-hating-husb, and Maui Jim sunnies!
Fighting the Valentine's Day crowds at restaurants is his least favorite thing to do on his bday (duh)... so we opted for a quiet dinner at home - some fancy steaks and baked potatoes. He must have said 15 times how glad he was that we decided to cook at home haha :) My healthy husb loathes sweets... bless his heart. So I reluctantly agreed not to bake him a cake. He did eat 1 chocolate covered strawberry, after my nagging urging...... I ate the remaining 5. We agreed that we'd take weekend trips instead of getting birthday gifts for each other this year, but I was sneaky sneaky and surprised him with a pair of sunglasses he has been wanting for months! He was so. surprised! He deserves them.


In other news around these parts........ Bella loves the faux fur throw Danielle picked up for me because it was a "great deal" and I just "needed to have it" (gotta love friends like that!), I represented my very first client in my very first hearing (woohoo!!), and you have to make these red velvet cookies!
Sleepy kitty snuggling with her new furry friend...

Looking all lawyer-like...

Make these!!!
This weekend is Sheila's bachelorette party!!! I'll be cozied up in a mountain cabin sipping champagne and doing my best to embarrass the bride with gag gifts. It'll be a rainy one down South....... perfect weather for baking some yummy cookies!

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  1. So glad ya'll had fun in Nashville! I am also feeling you on blogging being a chore... I enjoy doing it when I have time but I so often DON'T have time.


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