February 28, 2012


There are few things in life I love more than weekend trips! Its sad to think that we'll only live in Atlanta for one more year... but in the meantime we're trying to take advantage of being such a short drive away from so many fun places! Cities, beaches, mountains... so many places, so little time left in the South!

Nashville has been on my short list of cities to visit for years, and I'm soo so glad we finally made it there :) I'm even more glad - ok, more like thrilled! ecstatic! overjoyed! - that we spent the weekend in Nashville with my bff and her fiance!
Stolen from SK's pictures... sorry for the red eye, hubs!
We learned a lot about her soon-to-be-hubbs... and we like what we saw! {Disclaimer: Andrew doesn't love everyone he meets, but he really loved Kyle so that says a LOT!}

We also learned:
what honkey tonk is (sort of),
country stars don't always write the songs they sing (boys' minds = blown),
we sort of kind of probably want to invest in a pair of authentic cowboy boots........
and we are much too old to stay out drinkin' and dancin' in the bars until they close!

Although we left Nashville with a bit of a wine flu, substantially broke-r, and easily 5 lbs fatter... we had the best time! With any luck, I plan to sneak in another quick Nashvegas trip before we leave Georgia ~ if for no other reason, I simply must eat at Pancake Pantry before I die. I already added it to my mental bucket list.
Cutie fiancees
My love :)
Booooots! Get in my closet. Camel colored, pointed toe. Thanks.
The boys
The gals
Puckett's for our last dinner
And so continues my love affair with weekend getaways and cities with quaint, walkable downtowns. I'm already itchin' to plan our next trip!

SK and Kyle....... you guys down? Same weekend next year maybe?! ;)

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