May 26, 2011


Let's be honest. Sometimes all it takes to jump start a diet or a workout plan is a little inspiration.

I've been doing ok with exercising lately. But the pint of fro-yo I downed in one sitting this weekend probably has settled nicely somewhere on the back of my thighs... canceling out any miserable wall sits or squats I've done lately.

Insert: thinspiration.
via FOX
via USA Today
These pictures really don't do her stems justice... but did you see Carrie Underwood's legs on the AI finale last night?!?!?!?! Ok, so they were a little greased up for my liking, but d.a.n.g. I had some serious leg envy. So much so that did lunges all the way from the couch to the kitchen to refill my glass of wine! Jk.

While there is serious doubt that my 5'2'' frame will ever be supported by anything but the shapeless stubs I am currently walking around on, I would honestly consider trading both of my legs for just one of Carrie's. Mad props to her. And her trainer. And her nutritionist. And, presumably, her live-in chef.

In the interest of full disclosure, I should probably admit that if I were that rich and famous I think I'd forgo the trainer/dietitian/chef and opt for some good old fashioned lipo. But in the meantime, I'm totally hitting the treadmill after work and Googling her leg workout ASAP!

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