May 18, 2011

A Doctor's Wife

I'm becoming one. Or I'm working toward becoming a good one I should say. The best Chiropractor's wife (my own personal opinion, of course) is the one who really takes an interest in her husband's field and strives to be a living example of his life's work: health and wellness! Lucky for me, I have a couple of years to perfect this role before my husb transitions from Chiro-in-training to Dr. Hubbs. First order of business: start reading! I put my library list of NY Times Best Seller's on hold, and picked up this sucker...
Per Dr. Hubbs' instruction, this book, the latest by Dr. James Chestnut, had to be my very first read. It revolutionized his thinking, and his hope was that it would get me on board with his healthy environment, organic eating, positive thinking way of life! So far, I've been persuaded. This guy knows his stuff! While I'm only about halfway through after a couple weeks of reading (remember, I have 5 books for summer school to read + 48 hours of work to complete each week... I'm pacing myself!) I thought I'd share a few tokens of knowledge I have gleaned thus far:
  • Your state of physiology and your state of cell function are the genetic expression of your environment. Your state of health is the genetic expression of your past and present environments.
  • We are not sick because of bad genes or innately pathological cell function. We are not sick because of bad genes, bad cells, or bad luck. We are sick because of bad choices. We are sick because we have created, and choose to live in, pathologically stressful environments that force the chronic genetic expression of unsustainable adaptive physiology that inevitably leads to fatigue and early death.
  • Adopting a healthy lifestyle, a genetically congruent lifestyle, is the only viable solution for wellness and prevention.
  • In order to get and stay well, humans, like every other species, must eat, move, think, and interact in ways that our genome requires to express health and vitality.
  • Both basic physiological, biochemical, and genetic science, as well as historical data, indicate that using drugs and surgery to change physiology and biochemistry has not been, and will never be, successful at restoring health or ever be a viable solution for wellness and prevention.
These ideas are not all novel. But Dr. Chestnut presents this information in a way that a layperson can understand - and rather than criticize our health care system and providers for spending so much time and $$$ just diagnosing and medicating illness, he educates his readers (most of whom are likely Chiropractors) about ways to create wellness in order to prevent illness from ever occurring.

It has been an interesting and inspiring read so far! I highly recommend it to all Dr.'s-Wives-In-Training... I feel more qualified already ;) But Dr.'s wife or not, it would certainly be worth reading if for no other reason than to improve the quality of your own life and the lives of those you love! I'm so proud that my husb has chosen to devote his life to helping people get and stay well and I am excited to help promote the wellness and prevention lifestyle with him!

Do I sound like a Mrs. Dr. B yet??? I'll keep reading!

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  1. haha. You are too cute! You'll be a great Mrs. Dr:-) xoxo


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