May 27, 2011

Friday Favorites

Let's start a new tradition here on I Thought I Loved You Then, shall we??

I save "favorite" images I find all over the internet throughout the week, so on Friday's I think I'll start sharing a few of the things that have inspired me lately with you all!

Months and months ago, I created a folder on my desktop called "Someday." Its where I stash reminders of things that I love so that someday I can purchase, create, or emulate all of the lovely things that catch my eye. My folder is organized into other folders... like "Accessories," "Nurseries," "Home Office," "DIY Crafts," "Entertaining," etc. {I'm Type A, have you noticed?}

Here are a few of the images I loved most this week:
I'd die for a home office this cute and organized!
Someday I will have a bedroom this tranquil...
I'm not normally drawn to shades of blue, but this is gorgeous.
I daydream about an outdoor living space this perfect!
This chalkboard-top game table is genius. I must make one!
I have an unhealthy obsession with buffet tables and wine storage. This is perfection.
Omg. I'd actually be excited to do work in an office space this quaint and organized!
These gorgeous spaces make me wish I had a home of my own to beautify! There is only so much you can do in an apartment with drab carpeting and beige walls. Someday :) In the meantime, I'll keep filing away these lovely ideas so that when we're out of grad school and ready to buy (and renovate) a house I will have a game plan in place! And I'll keep on sharing my fave's with you on Fridays - or at least every Friday I'm not an airhead and can actually remember that I started this "tradition" ....!

Hope you enjoyed this eye candy as much as me... enjoy your long Memorial Day weekend!

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  1. i love anything chalkboard! i made a canvas for my bathroom and i change it only once in a while. but if i had one right in front of the tv it would get all the results of my boredom!


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