August 15, 2010

{One Year Anniversary}

Miss these friends and this place!

Andrew and I celebrated a year of wedded bliss on August 1st :) We spent a long weekend in Hilton Head and it is refreshing to me that we can still have so much fun when its just the two of us! As I reflect back on the craziest, busiest, most stressful, and most memorable year of our life together, there are a few things I have come to learn/realize...
  • My husband makes me laugh every single day!
  • We are now the crazy cat people... and I'm ok with that
  • As soon as we are employed, I will hire a cleaning lady
  • Shopping for home decor has become (slightly) more fun than shopping for clothes
  • It's REALLY nice having a husband who enjoys cooking!
  • I eat a lot more ice cream than I would like to admit... 
  • We miss our families a ton, but are so thankful to be living in Atlanta at this juncture in life :)
  • I've permanently assumed the duties of toilet cleaning and grocery shopping
  • Andrew will forever take out the trash and has been delegated "vacuum duty" (in exchange for my weekly potty scrubbing... fair deal!)
  • We've made more life-long friends in Georgia than I ever could have dreamed!
  • I still feel like a newlywed, and I hope that feeling never fades :)
Still laughing together every single day :)
I'd marry this guy all over again ;)

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