August 25, 2010

It's the little things... :)

After a few days of feeling frustrated by my domestic duties - and Andrew's lack thereof - I came home yesterday to a small, but pleasant, surprise. Andrew had (without being asked) taken out the trash, emptied the dishwasher, washed the dishes in the sink, and was halfway finished making a delish dinner by the time I walked in the door at 5:30! I was reminded at just the right time that my hubby can be pretty cute and thoughtful when he wants to be ;)

It got me thinking about the way I go about taking care of our home... I'm definitely a Type A personality. Andrew affectionately refers to my cleaning habits as OCD. Now, that's an exaggeration, because he is a classic Type B personality! I find myself getting really annoyed with having to constantly wash/fold/put away laundry, I'm always the one who makes the bed, and 99% of the time I am left to clean up the aftermath of dinner in our kitchen before I go to bed at night. Men: THIS GETS OLD! I have told Andrew time and time again that when I'm a stay-at-home mom, and he is out making $$$, I will gladly assume all of the household duties. *However!* I am a full-time law student, part-time office worker at this juncture in our lives!!! While we are both in grad school, I see no reason why the domestic duties shouldn't be divided evenly.

That being said, I had an epiphany yesterday as I walked in from an 8 hour day at school. I shouldn't read into the fact that I find myself doing the majority of the domestic duties. I take those on because I want our home to be a certain way. Andrew, if left to his own devices, would not be a total slob, but he wouldn't obsess over water spots on the faucet or insist that the toss pillows on the couch are straightened and fluffed each night. And that's ok! Just not in my house :) So my new goal - and its a lofty one, and anyone who knows me will attest to that - is to do all of my domestic "musts" with a joyful heart, and to view the mundane, frustrating, annoying tasks as a way to love and serve my hubby. And as long as he does surprising little things like he did yesterday, I think I can manage to make this attitude change a permanent one!
He buys me cute handmade things from street vendors in Savannah
He hangs my flower baskets... only for me to kill them a couple months later!
He takes me to pretty, romantic places
And he is the cutest daddy to our little Bella :)

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  1. this is sooooo cute. wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i love the royal couple!


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