August 22, 2010


There is a lot of "oh my gosh, finally!" going on in our house lately. Even though we've passed the 1 year mark for just about everything in our life - being married, living in Georgia, living in our apartment, being in grad school, etc. - we've been slow and methodical (this is how I justify it at least) about doing a few last things that for most would have been done months ago!

1. We still have yet to frame/hang/display any of our professional wedding pictures. Why? I don't know. I have no good excuse except for the fact that I loved them ALL so I can't decide. Maybe I'll just hang a few hundred?
2. Still haven't ordered the last 2 decorative shams that go with our bedding. Why? I've kind of gotten used to the way it looks without them... and since I make the bed, fewer decorative pillows is less work for me!
3. Still haven't gotten our carpets cleaned, even though we get a FREE cleaning for renewing our lease. Why? I'm not in the mood to move our area rugs and furniture (even though I think they do this for me... hmmmm).
4. We left an entire wall of our office/spare bedroom vacant, awaiting the arrival of Andrew's diploma to hang in a matching frame. (The list goes on... but I won't!)

Well, his diploma came last week... but I didn't have a frame for the signed photo mat from our wedding reception that I was dead set on hanging in the middle of our diplomas! So... after our mothers' urging (nagging, urging, same diff.) we ventured out to find a 20x24 frame for our photo mat. I wish someone would have told me a year ago that 20x24 is NOT a normal size frame! After hours of shopping - Andrew's least favorite thing to do if its not for new sneakers or toys - we found a frame, framed the dang thing, and hung it all up on the blank wall in the office! *FINALLY!*

This sounds like a trivial feat, I know this. But it was a momentous occasion for us haha. We completed a task that, despite being months overdue, just makes our little home feel one step closer to "whole." There is nothing exciting about the wall - but I love it :) Next order of business: getting those wedding pictures printed, framed and displayed! I won't hold my breath.
Andrew hard at work...
Andrew's diploma, wedding photo mat, my diploma!
Satisfying view as I walk in the room... :)

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